About Laura

Hi & Welcome to Three Cedars Reiki!

I am Laura and I am passionate about Animals, Reiki and Nature.  I am excited to help animals and humans find healing, peace, harmony and balance through Animal Reiki.

As a child, I was always bringing home injured, sick or stray animals; something I still do. Being with animals and helping them is my happy place. I share a deep connection and kinship with animals, especially horses, and have always been an “animal magnet”, attracting all sorts of domestic and wild animals, many needing help.

After a successful 25-year career as a professional development trainer and management consultant, I left the business world to spend more time with animals and partnered with a friend to start a pet and farm sitting business.  Soon after, Reiki found me through a very special red mare and changed my life forever!

Not long after completing my Reiki Master training, I learned about Kathleen Prasad and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).  I completed Reiki/Animal Reiki Teacher training with Kathleen and now practice and teach her Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. I have found an amazing way to help animals and bring balance and harmony to my life.  I am passionate about making a difference in animal and human lives by sharing Reiki with them.

I love combining my background in training, my deep connection with animals, and my passion for Reiki to create life changing learning experiences for my students. I believe in ongoing mentoring for my students as well as nurturing my own spiritual growth. Reiki is a journey, not a one time and done training.

Four horses, a donkey, a llama, two sheep, three dogs, thirteen cats and some chickens, most of whom are rescues, and various wild animals let me live on their farm in South Carolina…as long as I share Reiki with them daily!

I am living my dream life, helping animals with my thriving Animal Reiki practice and pet sitting business.  I also dabble a bit in animal communication.  I currently enjoy serving on the SARA Ethics Committee and teaching Animal Reiki at Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

I would love to show you how Reiki can change your life and help heal animals!

Peace & Love,