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Reiki Level II & Animal Reiki

July 17, 2021
Private Session
Forevermore Farm, Winnsboro, SC

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Animal Communication: The Basics

August 28, 2021
Williston, South Carolina

This class is for people who want to awaken their natural ability to communicate with animals.

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Private Classes Scheduled

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"Many who know me, know I'm skeptical of anything other than science; this class was not what I expected! It truly helped me connect more with myself and, in turn, the animals. I highly recommend it for anyone who works in rescue and sanctuary work, and really anyone with animal companions in their life! If I invited you, it is because I think you will benefit from and enjoy this class!"

Josh, Director
Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

"Awesome! It was great!"

Jan A.

"Laura, you were insightful and interesting. Thank you for helping me expand my universe."

Su L.

"Reiki class was amazing with Laura...she is an excellent teacher and so calm and loving towards the animals! Thank you Laura!"

Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary