Reiki for a Calmer Ride

By Laura Thomas | February 14, 2022

  It was a cool, breezy spring morning on two fresh, bouncy Thoroughbreds. Instead of settling as we went along, my friend’s gelding became agitated – prancing, bucking and spooking. Attempts to settle him weren’t working. My mare was feeding off of him, becoming nervous and tense. I worried the ride would not go well. …

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From Growls to Belly Rubs – Reiki to the Rescue

By Laura Thomas | November 17, 2020

Bruno is loving walks and belly rubs these days. Just a few weeks ago, Bruno cowered in the back of his kennel at the shelter, growling at staff. He had been there 166 days, surrendered for killing a chicken and a goat. Terrified, he would not let anyone touch him and it was difficult to …

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Kitten & Fawn, Love & Compassion

By Laura Thomas | September 9, 2020

Hermione is a premature fawn left by her mother. Mulan was a sickly, newborn kitten dumped at the animal shelter. Both are being loved and rehabbed at Forevermore Farm, a peaceful, quaint little farm where I teach Reiki & Animal Reiki During a recent class at Forevermore, we begged for Hermione to come inside for …

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But That’s Not Reiki!

By Laura Thomas | July 15, 2019

But that’s not Reiki! A colleague recently mentioned someone said this about the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad that we practice. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but the conversation has bugged me since. Sure, we aren’t drawing symbols everywhere and placing our hands on an animal’s …

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Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary

By Laura Thomas | June 13, 2019

Welcome to Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, SARA’s first South Carolina member organization! I would like to welcome Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary to the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) family!  Cotton Branch has whole heartedly embraced the SARA way to support and heal their animal family.  Cotton Branch is a safe haven for farm …

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Reiki & Petsitting: A Perfect Combination

By Laura Thomas | June 10, 2019

As pet sitters, we often encounter animals who are afraid, timid, confused or stressed because they are alone with a stranger in their home. We face emergencies with sick or injured animals when their people are away.  We sometimes care for animals who are transitioning while their family is gone.  These things are stressful for …

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Reiki & Equine Massage Therapy

By Laura Thomas | June 7, 2019

How can equine massage therapists benefit from and incorporate the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki (developed by Kathleen Prasad) into their practices? At first glance, the two seem contradictory.  Equine massage is hands on, our Animal Reiki practice is hands off – unless the animal initiates touch. However, the two modalities can blend …

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July Lessons from Animals

By Laura Thomas | August 13, 2018

Last month was tough. I was sweating at 6:00 am as I fed horses, wishing July would go away. Miserably hot – dog walking, farm chores and other things we usually enjoy in our pet and farm sitting business seemed like chores in the heat; Murphy’s Law at every turn made it worse. And, to …

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A Drive with a Dragonfly – Finding Perspective

By Laura Thomas | July 17, 2018

Leaving a farm this morning, a dragonfly started flying around in the car. I tried unsuccessfully to guide it out. As I began driving, the dragonfly bounced frantically off the dash and windshield. I was rather aggravated and frustrated because of a couple unpleasant situations swirling about in my world. As the dragonfly flitted about, …

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A Reiki Loving Turkey

By Laura Thomas | June 29, 2018

During a recent Reiki class at Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary, I took a few minutes to share Reiki with the turkeys while students were practicing. I knew from previous visits the turkeys were very receptive to Reiki. I sat on a low fence rail just inside the turkey enclosure. As I began my practice, the …

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