Experience the Sacred Space – 4 Day Immersion Retreat with Dr. Susan Fay

By Laura Thomas | January 30, 2023

Experience the Sacred SpaceFour-day Immersion Retreatwith Dr. Susan FayOctober 19-22, 2023Ridge Spring, South Carolina This retreat is going to be incredible! Four days with Dr. Fay, like-minded horse people, amazing equine teachers, and gourmet meals in a charming country setting. This is an opportunity immerse in Dr. Fay’s teachings and to practice her techniques with …

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A Story of Choice

By Laura Thomas | December 18, 2022

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving animals choices –in the sense of how they interact with us and how they express themselves. Animals are sentient beings with unique preferences, personalities, thoughts, and feelings. Often, we feel we know best or want to control how an animal acts, responds to us, or reacts to …

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Who Can Communicate with Animals? You Can!

By Laura Thomas | December 13, 2022

Communicating telepathically with animals is not reserved for a gifted or special few. Anyone can do it! It is our innate ability to be able to connect and communicate with other species. Telepathic or intuitive communication with animals is simply a sixth sense we all have, one we were not taught or encouraged to develop …

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Animal Communication Ethics

By Laura Thomas | December 8, 2022

Being an animal communicator comes with responsibilities far beyond relaying information between humans and animals. The goal of interspecies communication should be to compassionately foster understanding, harmony, and balance between humans and animals. I follow a strict code of ethics to respect and honor the privacy and preferences of each party and to relay accurate …

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What Does an Animal Communication Session with Me Look Like?

By Laura Thomas | December 4, 2022

First, let me start by sharing a little about my job as an animal communicator and what animal communication can and cannot do. My goal is to always be in the highest service to the animal and bring through clear and accurate information to help people and animals understand each other better. I strive to …

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Dr. Susan Fay Clinic

By Laura Thomas | October 24, 2022

Dr. Susan Fay, author and clinician, was at Full Moon Farm in Aiken, SC for a two day clinic in October. Twenty plus participants and auditors from five states experienced what is possible when we are present in the moment and focus our energy and intent in the presence of horses. Dr. Fay was also …

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Morning Rituals

By Laura Thomas | October 20, 2022

Does your morning ritual support your wellbeing and set a positive tone for your day? Or, does it leave you rushed and frazzled? What we do first thing in the morning affects our wellbeing and energy for the day. My morning ritual began many years ago. Less than 15 minutes long, it prepares me for …

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Reiki for a Calmer Ride

By Laura Thomas | February 14, 2022

  It was a cool, breezy spring morning on two fresh, bouncy Thoroughbreds. Instead of settling as we went along, my friend’s gelding became agitated – prancing, bucking and spooking. Attempts to settle him weren’t working. My mare was feeding off of him, becoming nervous and tense. I worried the ride would not go well. …

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From Growls to Belly Rubs – Reiki to the Rescue

By Laura Thomas | November 17, 2020

Bruno is loving walks and belly rubs these days. Just a few weeks ago, Bruno cowered in the back of his kennel at the shelter, growling at staff. He had been there 166 days, surrendered for killing a chicken and a goat. Terrified, he would not let anyone touch him and it was difficult to …

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Kitten & Fawn, Love & Compassion

By Laura Thomas | September 9, 2020

Hermione is a premature fawn left by her mother. Mulan was a sickly, newborn kitten dumped at the animal shelter. Both are being loved and rehabbed at Forevermore Farm, a peaceful, quaint little farm where I teach Reiki & Animal Reiki During a recent class at Forevermore, we begged for Hermione to come inside for …

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