Hand & Hoof Haven Workshops Campobello, South Carolina

By Laura Thomas | May 10, 2024

Hey there, fellow horse lovers!Want to take your bond with animals to the next level? Ready to infuse your life with peace, harmony, and balance? Yearning to embark on a […]

A Drive with a Dragonfly – Finding Perspective

By Laura Thomas | March 11, 2024

One morning as I was leaving a farm on my pet sitting rounds, a dragonfly started flying around in the car. I tried unsuccessfully to guide it out. The dragonfly […]

Sacred Spaces Gathering with Dr. Susan Fay

By Laura Thomas | February 1, 2024

Experience the Sacred Space with Dr. Susan Fay       November 8-10, 2024Shadydale Equine Center, Travelers Rest, SC This is an amazing opportunity for a small number of Dr. Susie’s […]

Experience the Sacred Space – 4 Day Immersion Retreat with Dr. Susan Fay

By Laura Thomas | January 30, 2023

Experience the Sacred SpaceFour-day Immersion Retreatwith Dr. Susan FayOctober 19-22, 2023Ridge Spring, South Carolina This retreat is going to be incredible! Four days with Dr. Fay, like-minded horse people, amazing […]

A Story of Choice

By Laura Thomas | December 18, 2022

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about giving animals choices –in the sense of how they interact with us and how they express themselves. Animals are sentient beings with unique […]

Who Can Communicate with Animals? You Can!

By Laura Thomas | December 13, 2022

Communicating telepathically with animals is not reserved for a gifted or special few. Anyone can do it! It is our innate ability to be able to connect and communicate with […]

Animal Communication Ethics

By Laura Thomas | December 8, 2022

Being an animal communicator comes with responsibilities far beyond relaying information between humans and animals. The goal of interspecies communication should be to compassionately foster understanding, harmony, and balance between […]

What Does an Animal Communication Session with Me Look Like?

By Laura Thomas | December 4, 2022

First, let me start by sharing a little about my job as an animal communicator and what animal communication can and cannot do. My goal is to always be in […]

Dr. Susan Fay Clinic

By Laura Thomas | October 24, 2022

Dr. Susan Fay, author and clinician, was at Full Moon Farm in Aiken, SC for a two day clinic in October. Twenty plus participants and auditors from five states experienced […]