What Does an Animal Communication Session with Me Look Like?

First, let me start by sharing a little about my job as an animal communicator and what animal communication can and cannot do.

My goal is to always be in the highest service to the animal and bring through clear and accurate information to help people and animals understand each other better. I strive to gather as much information as possible in a session so there is not much “fluff” and chitchat in our scheduled time together. I want you to get your money’s worth!

My job is to bring through pure information, devoid of my thoughts, feelings, filters and judgments. I am merely translating information so you and your animal have a better understanding of each other and any situations at hand.

Animal communication can often provide the missing piece to a puzzle and always enhances the human-animal relationship. It is not a substitute for veterinary care nor proper training. I do not diagnose, prescribe, or recommend treatments. Likewise, just because I ask an animal to do something or not do something, it doesn’t mean the behavior will change. However, it can facilitate a better understanding of the animal’s and the person’s perspectives so they can work together towards a goal.

So, how does a session work? First, you will book an appointment at 3cedarsreiki.com. I ask that you email me a picture of your animal to help me focus on the animal during our session. The only information I need and want is the animal’s name and a picture.

At the beginning of the session, I will answer any questions you have about the process. I once again ask you do not give me any information other than the animal’s name. I will record the session and email it to you so you don’t have to take notes.

When I first connect with your animal, I introduce myself and let them know why I am reaching out to them. I ask the animal questions to bring through evidential information, so you are satisfied I am connecting with your animal. I then ask the animal to share anything they wish to share and I relay this to you. Often, the animal already knows the reason for the session and will volunteer what you want to know!

Once the animal has shared what they wish, I can ask questions, address concerns or share information you have. We can explore issues, behaviors, problem solve, ask about the animal’s food, their life, training, their job, their preferences, how they are feeling, let them know about an upcoming move or event…anything you would talk with a person about, we can talk with animals about.

If anything comes up that seems unclear or not quite right, I can ask the animal to clarify. Occasionally, just as with humans, miscommunications occur.  I encourage you to speak up if something doesn’t sound right so we can explore and resolve it.

Once we are finished with the communication, I always thank the animal for connecting with us and ask if they have anything else to share.

All information in a session is confidential. I won’t share information from your session as I respect the privacy of you and your animal. Once the session ends, I will not communicate with your animal again, unless you ask. If I ever do share an animal communication story, it is with the permission of the animal and their human.

If you are curious about what your animal has to say, schedule an appointment at 3cedarsreiki.com   I also offer gift certificates if you wish to gift a session to an animal lover on your list.

I look forward to connecting with you and your animal! 


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