From Growls to Belly Rubs – Reiki to the Rescue

Leah & Bruno

Bruno is loving walks and belly rubs these days. Just a few weeks ago, Bruno cowered in the back of his kennel at the shelter, growling at staff. He had been there 166 days, surrendered for killing a chicken and a goat. Terrified, he would not let anyone touch him and it was difficult to clean his run. Leah, a shelter worker, knew they couldn’t keep him much longer if he couldn’t be handled and vetted. In a last-ditch effort, she reached out to me to share Reiki with him. I also asked some friends  to share distance Reiki with Bruno.  We all flooded Bruno with Reiki and healing energy.

A few days later, I got a tearful call from Leah – tears of joy – Bruno let her pet him! He even gave her a kiss! A few more sessions and Leah could leash and take Bruno for a walk. Leah attended my Level I Reiki & Animal Reiki class shortly after this. The next week, she shared Reiki with Bruno and he gave her his belly – the ultimate show of trust!

Bruno continues to progress with Leah and will be going to foster with her soon, in hopes of finding his forever family. Were it not for Leah and Reiki, the outcome for Bruno would have been very different. Thank you, Leah, for not giving up on this boy and thank to all who shared Reiki with him. His story is changed forever because of the healing energy of Reiki.

The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) has the goal of creating a calm, healing environment within shelters and other animal care settings. We train shelter, rescue and sanctuary staff and volunteers at low cost to help them improve the lives of animals and to create a positive healing space for workers and animals. My goal is to help as many shelter and sanctuary animals as possible through Reiki.
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Belly Rubs!

Laura Thomas
Animal Reiki Teacher & Reiki Master

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  1. I’m glad that I got in touch with this wonderful system, Reiki. It had helped me maintain my overall well-being and helped me maintain a balance of life. Thank you for teaching us about the benefits of Reiki through your blogs.

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