Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a telepathic and energetic connection between an animal and a human. It is not woo-woo magic or a special gift.  We all have the ability to communicate with animals if we just open ourselves to the possibility.

I receive communication through images, words, feelings, sounds and a sense of intuitive knowing. I respect the animal’s preferences and strive to provide clear and accurate communication between you and your animal.  My goal is that the communication be in the highest service to the animal.

I ask that you send me the animal’s name and your name.  I first connect with your animal and allow the animal to share whatever they wish. I relay this information to you so you can verify I have connected with your animal.  At that point, you can ask any questions you have.  Often the animal will give you the answer before you even ask.

You can talk to your animal just like you would another person. Animals are like people, some are quite chatty and others might be shy or not have much to say. We should always respect the animal's preferences for communication.



If you have an emergency with your animal,  call your veterinarian.  I will not communicate with your animal until you have consulted with your vet.

At this time, I do not work with missing animals.

What Kind of Questions Can You Ask?

You can talk to your animal just like you would another person.  Questions you may want to ask:

How do you feel?
How is your training?
Do you like your job?
Where does it hurt?
Do you like your food?
How do you feel about the barn/house sitter?
What can I do to help you?
What would make your life better?
How do you feel about (another animal, human, etc)?

Animals can even be asked if they are ready to transition to the other side.  Behavioral issues can also be addressed though it is important to keep in mind it is up to the animal to change the behavior.

You can pretty much ask your animal anything you like.  However, it is important to respect the animal's wishes as to what he/she wants to share.



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Animal Communication Code of Ethics