Who Can Communicate with Animals? You Can!

Communicating telepathically with animals is not reserved for a gifted or special few. Anyone can do it! It is our innate ability to be able to connect and communicate with other species. Telepathic or intuitive communication with animals is simply a sixth sense we all have, one we were not taught or encouraged to develop in many cases. All you need is an open, receptive mind and a few simple techniques.

As a matter of fact, you most likely have already experienced animal communication and didn’t realize it was happening. Have you ever gotten up to let the dog or cat in because you somehow just knew they were at the door? Had a “gut feeling” something wasn’t right at the barn or home before you arrived there? Just knew what your animal wanted or needed without really knowing how? Had a strong hunch about something with your animals but didn’t know where it came from?

These are all instances of our animals communicating with us. Many of us, as children, “talked to” animals and knew in our hearts they responded. However, we were told it was our imagination. Hearing this over and over with society validating that it wasn’t possible for animals to communicate with us caused us to bury this ability.

Humans have been able to communicate with animals for thousands of years in all parts of the world. Native and prehistoric peoples communicated with birds and animals of all sorts to be able to coexist. They shared the land with animals and eventually domesticated some. As the world became more modernized, this innate sense was mostly lost. As society moved away from living with the land to living on it, many pushed aside or ignored their natural ability to connect with animals in this way.

Those of us who are animal communicators are no different from you. We just found a good teacher to help us reawaken and hone our ability to connect telepathically with animals. All you need is an open, receptive mind and a willingness to re-learn how to communicate intuitively with animals.

I love seeing people in my classes rediscover this ability and receive validation that they actually “got it right”. Even if you don’t aspire to become a professional animal communicator, animal communication is a simple and beautiful way to enhance your relationship with your animals and gain a better understanding of their thoughts and needs. I dream that every human reawakens this ability so that we may have more compassion and understanding with other species.
If you are interested in learning to communicate with animals, I offer public and private classes. Visit my website, 3cedarsreiki.com to learn more.

Laura Thomas
Animal Communicator

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